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ahh!!!!! the randomness!!!!!

the land of no segues

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site of evily delicious fun

ignore the mistakes it`s not finished yet ^^;;

lj of evily delicious fun

come to the blanketfort where you can have the bestest things in the world: cookies and bishies

i tend to try to do what mana would want me to
come to the Blanketfort

my favorite section of site of evil deliciousness at the moment just because of the utter fun.
the first ever ficlet challenge at The Blanketfort!! write 250 words about die and shinya cos its fun and theyre so cute together

`cause we all know jrock otaku`s pick up most of their vocab from jrock, might as well go with it.
~Mana's wish is your command~ the funnest way to learn japanese: jrock no kotoba!

wise words for the ages.
Mana would not want us to be dirtied